Min Park—Creative, Learner



A work of art is successful when there is a hint of perfection present—
at the slightest hint . . . the work is alive.
The life of the work depends upon the observer according to his own awareness of perfection and inspiration.

From Agnes Martin WritingsTranscribed and edited by Lizzie Borden, December 1972.

born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, I am a learner and a creative based in Seoul and Philadelphia. I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania studying art history with minors in cinema studies and fine arts and am currently on a gap year to dedicate my time to learning of art. I am greatly inspired by nature, especially by water, and materiality and spatial relationship in artworks. I am invested in sculptures and film at the moment, especially the works of Eva Hesse. My greatest interests lie in the intersection of art and writing. In my free time, you can find me at the farmer’s market grocery shopping, exploring with food and sharing a meal I cooked with friends and families.


   Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania
   Current | Philadelphia, PA

   Curatorial Assistant, ICA Philadelphia
   May - August 2021 | Philadelphia, PA

   Gallery Assistant, Francis Gallery
   May - August 2019 | Bath, United Kingdom

   Editorial Assistant, Cereal Magazine
   May - August 2019 | Bath, United Kingdom
Full Resume available upon request.

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