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Project Archive

Work: Publication
Location: Seoul, Korea
Date: 2021

An art publication created in collaboration with twenty recent grads and students. Works range from poetry and short story to paintings and film installations, all of which curated and designed into the format of the book.

Excerpt from the introduction:

Project Archive paints the ocean which we share. Up close, these waves seem to be acting independently; our waves flow, rise, sink, begin, and end. But from afar, they are constantly building upon each other, all as a part of the ocean. Though this project began with my personal desire to archive, to create a record of my story, it has developed into a shared purpose among the twenty-one of us to understand our collective history beyond our senses of self. We step away from the idea of the “I” and embrace the idea of the unity, of the collective. We embrace the idea of the reciprocity in everything we do: how to touch means to be touched, to see means to be seen, and to love means to be loved.

Walter Benjamin, in On the Concept of History asks, “Are we not touched by the same breath of air which was among that which came before?” Throughout this project, we record how our waves meet one another—or the shared breath of air. Project Archive is a place of meeting—where interlockings of inspirations and talents, of people, of time, and of similarities and differences manifest. It is our response and our offering to the world.

read more on the Project Archive website.

Design: Claire Shin
Photography and Art Direction: Jina Han, Min Park, and Claire Shin

all profits were donated to G Foundation to support teens from low-income communities, specifically with menstrual products and through reproductive and sexual health education.