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Introduction−where I am now

One of my closest friends Dain told me that she seeks lasting things, my friendship with her being one of them. After finishing a rough first semester of college when everything seemed unsettling—relationships, values, self-worth—her words were comforting to say the least. 5 years have passed since this conversation, and yet I often come back to this moment.

This website shapeshifted quite a few times. It began as my portfolio website, with self-portraits in oil and stop motion, then became my photography blog, and now something else. This domain also held the first-ever writings I have ever shared online, which seemed so daunting at the time, but now I don’t even remember what I wrote about. This place has shapeshifted catering to my everchanging passions and output, but in many ways served to archive all that I am absorbing and digesting. Every iteration of this website was made with love, inspiration, and curiosity and executed with new learnings and quite a bit of courage.

I am hoping that this new website continues to allow me to learn, love, and inspire.

The past five years have been years of taking in all kinds of learnings—absorbing what feels right to me and letting go of what no longer feels mine. I’m hoping this space serves to continue such a flow, allowing me to circle back my learnings to the world that I have learned and taken so much from.

The works posted on this website is divided into two sections: work and archive. Archive serves as a practice of reflection and remembrance, a way of bookmarking. Work serves as

storytelling through nature, food, and art